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Control Cable Die Casting Machine
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TF7c Machine

  • Hot chamber pressure die casting machine with
    7 tonnes locking force
  • The metal melting & maintaining of temperatures at various points along the metal flow are achieved by electric heating. The machine does not require LPG to operate hence providing better environment & safety in the shop floor
  • The temperatures at various points are automatically maintained at set limits using thermocouple-HMI-solenoid valve combination. If required temperatures are not obtained, injection does not take place
  • The machine is automatic. All die parts are opened and closed automatically and even the ejection is automatic
  • The machine & heaters are controlled by touchscreen HMI with built-in temperature controller inputs & PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Cooling pump is provided to circulate water/coolant to maintain the die temperature at the set value
  • To provide highest reliability we use FESTO pneumatic items & electric heaters imported from USA