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Die Mold Making by Makino CNC
Makino F3 CNC VMC

We have with us a brand new Makino F3 CNC VMC, Singapore make, specially designed for Die/Mold machining. The machine is very accurate with +/-2.5 microns accuracy, 12000 rpm spindle with a 22kW motor & very sturdy with 8 tons weight. The X,Y,Z travels of the machine are 650x500x450mm. The machine bed can take dies up to 850x500mm in size and up to 800kgs in weight. With this machine we can take up hard-part machining up to 70HRC.

We can take up manufacture of the following die/molds to very high accuracy, quick delivery and highest quality standards.

  • Piston Dies
  • Forging Dies
  • Pressure Die Casting Dies
  • Gravity Die Casting Dies
  • Press Tools
  • Forming Dies
  • Thermo-Forming Dies
  • Vacuum-Forming Dies
  • Prototype machining
  • Any other die/mold which needs high quality cavity formation

We have gained invaluable expertise in core cavity machining of dies/molds and are ready to take up any challenging job work. With our focus on quality and on-time delivery, we have acquired many repeat customers like Gearock Forge, Sansera Engineering, Sundaram Auto Components, Seeaar Machine Tools, Fujiyama Mould Tech, Konar Engineering, Akme Technologies, Suveswaru Enterprises to name a few.

For Piston dies and Pressure Die Casting dies, we offer our customers an end-to-end solution starting from component design -> die design -> die manufacture -> component trials

Highlights of completed jobs
Twin-cavity Piston Die-H13 38HRC
Fully machined on our CMC VMC
Forging Dies-53HRC steel. Die size 280x220mm
Used dia 3, 4mm endmills with very high L/D ratio of 25
Pressure Die Casting Die-H13 47HRC
6 inserts milled separately. No flash even with this complicated parting surface!
Injection Mould-P20. Watch component
Die size 60x50mm. Used dia 0.2, 0.4, 0.6mm endmills
Injection Mould-P20
Slots of 2mm width created using endmills with high L/D ratio of 7
Crayon Mould-P20
Roughing & Finishing done using dia 2, 4mm endmills
Press Tool-Deep Drawn-D2 Precision Press Tool-D2
Die size 30x25mm. Contour created using small endmills
Electrode milled in Copper Injection Mould-EN31 30HRC. Medical component
Roughing & finishing done using dia 1, 2, 3mm endmills
Forging Die for non-ferrous component-H13 40HRC
Component: Brass gas burner
Thermoforming Die-Aluminium